We acknowledge that we are situated on the unceded and ancestral homelands of the Muh-he-con-ne-ok, the Peoples of the Waters that Are Never Still.

We recognize that there is a history to this land that is older than we are and pay honor and respect to this history and to the Elders, past, present, and future.



Unlikely Conductors: Native Americans and the Underground Railroad

February 9, 2022

February 9 @6PM online via Zoom, join Forge Project Director of Education Heather Bruegl for Unlikely Conductors: Native Americans and the Underground Railroad.

We learn in history class that the Underground Railroad was extremely instrumental is aiding enslaved Africans escaping captivity and searching for freedom. What we always don't learn about is the role that Native Americans, who sometimes were enslaved themselves, played in helping those people get to freedom. Learn about the important role that tribes played in assisting others in the Underground Railroad.

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Image: "Routes of the Underground Railroad." history.sandiego.edu/gen/CWPics/86139.jpg. Compiled from "The Underground Railroad from Slavery to Freedom" by Wilbur H. Siebert, The Macmillan Company, 1898