Lending Program

From the outset, the Forge Project Collection was intended as a working collection, with loans to museums, galleries, and cultural centers taking place almost immediately after its founding in 2021.


The mission of the lending program is to serve as a model for mainstream art collections and collecting. Among its values, the lending program endeavors to: Experiment with new models for loans through co-custodianship agreements that enable self-determination for the artists, leverage Forge's position to advocate for fair use and fair pay on behalf of the artists, and rethink conventional approaches to terminology and taxonomy, including in database categorization and exhibition copy.


Forge Project has loaned over 60 artworks to 40 institutions, exhibitions, and more across Turtle Island and worldwide.


If you are interested in requesting a loan from the Forge Project Collection, please contact Amelia Russo, Collections & Special Projects Manager, at [email protected].