Forging is a digital-first journal for critically imagining Native futures. Its editors and contributors are deeply committed to changing the way we study and interpret Indigenous survivance in the face of settler colonialism, with a focus on engaging, highlighting, and learning from Native voices.

Connectivity, Essay

Reimagining Native Motherhood

Lia Pa’apa’a

Apr 15, 2024

How creating a culturally specific online space allowed a Luiseño mother to connect to community and tradition she lost living in diaspora.

Connectivity, Design Criticism

The Impermanent Beauty of Cree Design

Tanis Worme

Apr 5, 2024

What we can learn from the intangibility of the built environment of the Plains Cree, whose architecture is often overlooked for not satisfying Western criteria of permanence and monumentality.

Language, Conversation

Speaking With Your Cat: An Artist and Researcher Talk Artificial Intelligence, Community, and Cultural Expression

S.A. Chavarría & Scott Benesiinaabandan

Jan 26, 2024

Artist and AI researcher S.A. Chavarría talks with Anishinaabe artist Scott Benesiinaabandan on the evolution of language, the impact of AI on cultural expression, and the challenges of preserving Indigenous languages.


Connectivity, EssayReimagining Native MotherhoodApr 15, 2024Connectivity, Design CriticismThe Impermanent Beauty of Cree DesignApr 5, 2024Language, ConversationSpeaking With Your Cat: An Artist and Researcher Talk Artificial Intelligence, Community, and Cultural ExpressionJan 26, 2024Language, Analysispiyêsiwak wâhkôhtowin/thunderbird’s kinshipJan 18, 2024Language, HistoryRadical Indigenous Contemporaneity in ʻKe Aloha O Ka Haku’Jan 8, 2024Language, Art History(Un)seen: Rotuman Fạ’iDec 27, 2023Language, EssayAsking for Permission/Listening for ConsentDec 18, 2023Knowing, EssayPostmodernism Is Not PermissionOct 18, 2023Knowing, Q&A‘Clay. . . Lets You Leave Your Mark Exactly How You Put It Down’: An Interview With Raven HalfmoonSep 30, 2023Knowing, FeatureFinding HomeSep 28, 2023Seed, Criticism‘A Love Song to Ohlone Culture’Jun 23, 2023Seed, How-toHow to Make a Goathead SoftJun 23, 2023Seed, Q&AQ&A With Lucy GrignonJun 23, 2023Seed, Nonfiction essayPlanting Tobacco While the Ancestors LaughJun 23, 2023Seed, Photo essaySeeds, Bodies & Territory in Cerro QuilishJun 23, 2023

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