Forge Reciprocal Relations

New Red Order
Trailer for Forge Reciprocal Relations, 2024
Digital video, color, sound
5 minutes 45 seconds

Commissioned for Forge Project’s working art collection on the occasion of its transition to non-profit status, Forge Reciprocal Relations invites viewers to engage in the work of decolonizing wealth and Indigenous worldbuilding. In this video, New Red Order wryly marries candid interviews with members of Forge’s staff and community with the adventures of actor Jim Fletcher, long-time proxy for the public secret society, who learns the true value of investing in Indigenous futures. Marketing as a form of artistic intervention is at play once again in NRO’s latest work, this time working alongside the tropes of nonprofit philanthropy to serve as both a provocation to redistribute wealth and a call to join the movement of supporters and allies of Forge’s Native-led program.

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